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Murdered Soul Suspect – XboxOne

Murdered Soul Suspect XboxOne

Murdered Soul Suspect Torrents Games XBOX ONE takes place in a fictionalized version of the American town Salem. Played in a third-person view, the player navigates the protagonist, Ronan, around Salem. There are multiple areas in Salem to explore such as a church, an apartment, and a graveyard. The player completes levels in order to progress further into the game. There are hundreds of collectables in the game, including ‘Ghost Girl Messages’ and various different types of scraps of paper which contain information about Ronan’s life. Since the player is a ghost, they have a number of ghostly abilities, such as teleportation and possession. Each area has clues to collect to progress through the level and the story; the clues are found in a similar way to L.A. Noire‍ ’​s investigation sequences.